Yottaa Introduces Conversion Zone to Help Brands Maximize Online Revenue with Fast Page Loads


WALTHAM, Mass.–()–Yottaa, Inc., the leading cloud platform for accelerating e-commerce, today introduced Conversion Zone, a new solution to identify the speeds of e-commerce sites that convert the best.

The recently published “2022 Key Ecommerce Leader Initiatives Survey Report” identified online revenue growth as the top priority for e-commerce leaders in 2022. One way online brands can quickly achieve this growth is by loading pages faster, as the correlation between speed Site speed and higher e-commerce conversions has been well documented. For example, data from the 2022 Site Speed ​​Standard showed that reducing page load time by just one second resulted in a 5.6-5.9% increase in conversion (depending on device type).

Although the industry standard page load to increase conversion is generally less than 3 seconds, not all sites are created equal. According to the site, both technical and business stakeholders can influence areas that impact site speed and the online shopping experience. Examples include:

  • Ecommerce Site Platform and Architecture

  • Use of video and images

  • Number of 3rd third-party technologies on the site (for analytics, marketing or customer experience)

  • Unoptimized JavaScript running on every page

With the introduction of Conversion area, Yottaa enables retailers to discover the site speed where shoppers are converting the most. This allows brands to optimize their sites to ensure that pages load in the “conversion zone”, resulting in higher online revenue, as well as superior shopping experiences.

Conversion Zone Methodology

The conversion zone identifies the page load time range (using the onload metric) where the majority of conversions occur (at least 60%), and the cumulative conversion rate is the highest. Cumulative conversion rate is calculated by taking all conversions in a time range and dividing it by all sessions in the same time range (e.g. 50 conversions in 1000 sessions of 0-4 seconds = 10% cumulative conversion rate). This method identifies the best site conversion speed while considering high volume for any e-commerce site.

“While increasing online revenue is a top priority for e-commerce executives, many struggle to make it a reality,” said Rich Stendardo, CEO of Yottaa. “Yottaa’s new Conversion Zone solution provides online brands with a personalized and powerful tool to determine the exact periods of page load times that drive the highest conversions so they can get more value from all their investments in e-commerce.”

Click on here to know more about Yottaa Conversion area.

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Leading brands such as 1800 Contacts, Carter’s, J. Crew, Lands’ End, Ralph Lauren and Samsonite trust Yottaa to accelerate, optimize and secure their e-commerce sites. By optimizing the loading of third-party e-commerce technologies, high-resolution images, and other website elements, Yottaa enables online brands to deliver a superior customer experience, improve site performance by up to 60% and increase online conversion by up to 20%. By controlling the execution of all third-party and other services on their sites, Yottaa also enables brands to improve their overall security posture, provide more secure shopping experiences, and ensure compliance with internal policies and external. To learn more about how Yottaa can optimize every page load on your e-commerce site and increase conversions, please visit www.yottaa.com or follow @yottaa on Twitter.


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