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KATMANDU, February 3: The traffic division of the Metropolitan Police has started receiving a fine from traffic violators through an online payment method.

Organizing a program in the capital on Wednesday, the MTPD inaugurated the new online payment system, allowing offenders to pay fines online.

“An integrated system has been developed between the Traffic Division violation recording system, revenue management information system and payment systems. Thanks to the system, the amount of the fine is deducted from the bank account of traffic violators, ”said Chief Superintendent of Police Janak Bhattarai, head of the MTPD.

“The newly introduced system will help reduce large crowds at traffic offices. Once the amount of the fine has been paid, violators must go to the traffic police office to collect their documents, ”Bhattarai said, adding that violators do not have to queue at banks to pay. the amount of the fine from now on.

From Wednesday, traffic violations can pay the amount of the fine via Esewa and IPS Connect. “The division is also entering talks with other digital service providers to introduce the option of ‘Paying Traffic Police Fines’ in their platforms,” he said.

With the introduction of a new service, the option “Payment of traffic police fine” is available in Esewa and IPS Connect through which offenders can pay the amount of the fine.

“Offenders must log into their Esewa or IPS Connect account and enter the slip number provided by the traffic police. After paying the amount, they can go to the respective traffic police office to collect their documents, ”said police superintendent Shyam Krishna Adhikari, spokesman for the division.



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