Vector Solutions adds cybersecurity awareness courses to its suite of online training programs for schools


Tampa, Florida – More than 100 school districts fall victim to cybercriminals each year. To help school administrators and staff members protect their school networks and reduce the likelihood of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of training and software solutions to help schools make their operations and their communities safer, smarter and better, has created a set of online cybersecurity awareness training courses. Courses cover topics such as creating a culture of cybersecurity, preventing social engineering attacks, laws and compliance, best practices, and more. Classes will be available from October 1, 2022.

“School districts, like many other institutions, are moving more of their operations online – from managing student records and administrative functions to curriculum and instruction. This can help improve efficiency, but it can also increase the risk of cybercrime,” said Rob Buelow, education product manager at Vector Solutions. “Our goal is to help keep schools safe and running, and our new courses will help school leaders institution and employees to understand these risks and protect their systems and data.”

The cybersecurity training courses are:

Cyber ​​Security Awareness for Education Leaders

  • Create a culture of cybersecurity: The importance of cybersecurity and how education leaders can support a culture of cybersecurity.
  • Protect against attacks from social engineers: How hackers exploit education leaders and the steps individuals and organizations can take to protect themselves.
  • End User Best Practices: best practices for mitigating cybersecurity incidents, different types of cybersecurity insurance, how to prepare for an attack and how to effectively manage the crisis when an incident occurs.
  • Global Laws and Compliance Standards: Regulations and their importance, and key tools schools and organizations should use to secure data.

Cybersecurity awareness for employees of educational institutions

  • Classification and backup of data for organizational and personal use: Learn about the three main types of data classifications, data security goals, separation of personal and organizational data, data deletion and wiping standards, and threats to mobile devices.
  • Social engineering: The ways social engineering can compromise the security of an organization’s data and the steps you can take to stay safe.
  • End User Best Practices: How to identify insecure hotspots in public places, roaming risks, difference between free and commercial VPN tunnels, how to recognize legitimate and secure websites, how to protect against malware and viruses, passwords and more.
  • Security Awareness Essentials: The “who, what and why” of hackers’ choices for targets, three main attacks that target employees, the consequences of end-user hacks, acceptable use policies, pros and cons of “Bring Your Own Device”, and more.

About Vector Solutions for K-12 Education

Vector Solutions for K-12 Education provides award-winning software, resources and professional development solutions to help create safer, smarter and better schools. Its safety products include an emergency communications platform, systems to help schools manage and track safety and compliance training and environmental health and safety incidents, a library of hundreds of training courses for school staff on everything from special education to diversity and inclusion, as well as online safety. and student wellness classes dealing with issues such as bullying, suicide, and sexual harassment. Its professional development solutions encompass educator assessments and tracking of professional development activities. For more information about Vector Solutions for K-12 Education, visit

About Vector Solutions

Vector Solutions is the leading provider of impactful technology solutions dedicated to safer, smarter and better decision making in the world’s most critical industries. Integrated into daily workflows to improve compliance, safety, performance and readiness, our software includes training management, industry-focused online course libraries, EHS management, workforce scheduling -work, risk communication, operational readiness, etc. Vector’s unique combination of information and technology – delivered when and where it’s needed – is integral to our more than 34,000 customers seeking to achieve better outcomes and protect lives. For more information, visit

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