UnikLife will organize an online training program and a Business Bahubali webinar hosted by Venu Kalyan


New Delhi [India]May 9 (ANI/PNN): Led by life and business coach, Venu Kalyan, UnikLife Pvt Ltd is set to launch its online training program and webinar, Business Bahubali. They are best at providing Telugu based training with the best support system in the implementation process. The main objective of this webinar is to help people achieve their business goals. The main focus of the webinar would be to provide branding services and one-on-one mentorship to business owners to put their business into autopilot mode through tactical strategies and methods. The company has worked for the welfare of business owners, doctors, advocates, trainers, public speakers, employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists, singers, magicians, directors of school, college HODs, government organizations and many more. Behind the success of UnikLife, Venu Kalyan is a man who has years of expertise in a different area of ​​the world, and thanks to his knowledge, he can help people around him. He has successfully led sessions at over 50 lucky companies with his abundance of understanding.

Speaking about the recently launched webinar and program, Venu Kalyan said, “Suddenly there is a boom in the market where startups are growing at an incredible rate. every moment. And, while guiding them in the right direction, I started this program where people can get the most out of it. I want to reach 5 million people with our trainings and webinars and become the number one company in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana As every event is not successful without their team, I compare my team with the army as they support each other and are fully focused and focused on our goals to achieve the goal. not just about the goals but even want to help people to their maximum ability. I anticipate this program to be a success and many people will learn from my experience. The event speaker, Venu Kalyan, owns over seven years’ expertise in public speaking and currently holds numerous titles with his name. He is not only a life and business coach but also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, speaker, business strategist, author, NLP trainer and many more. He has led over 50 seminars and changed the lives of over a million people. Today, his students are placed in big companies like Infosys, Wipro, LG, Xerox and Byjus, to name a few. With a plethora of knowledge and collaboration with more than 20 companies, Venu Kalyan will meaningfully discuss brand services in detail, and people will get the most out of it.

He seems to be creating new waves in the industry by training budding businessmen and women to achieve financial freedom through this new webinar, “Business Bahubali”. This story is provided by PNN. ANI shall in no way be responsible for the content of this article. (ANI/PNN)

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