UIF online system speeds up processing of certificates of compliance



The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has unveiled an online system for applying for a certificate of compliance, also known as a tender letter.

The electronic certificate of compliance system allows employers, small businesses and entrepreneurs to request a certificate of compliance from the comfort of their own home or business.

The UIF, an entity of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, initially announced plans for the new system last February, saying it replaces the old application process of manually filling out and submitting a form, an affidavit and tax clearance certificate from the South African Tax Service via e-mail.

In a statement, Mzie Yawa, UIF’s head of business services, said the system went live on February 1. Customers were invited to visit the online portal to register and apply.

Yawa also urged small businesses, businesses and entrepreneurs to register on the system, using their UIF reference number to apply for the UIF certificate of compliance.

“If you are up to date with your UIF compliance requirements, the system will immediately issue you a Certificate of Compliance, which you can download or print. If you are not compliant, the system will send a non-compliance letter with the reasons for the rejection.

The fund states that the benefits of the system include improved turnaround times as the certificate is issued in minutes compared to the previous turnaround time of 10 business days, elimination of human errors and fraudulent activity, better employers’ compliance with UIF legislation concerning the declarations and contributions of its employees and better authenticity of the certificates of conformity produced.

In addition, the system allows for better debt collection, reduced photocopying and printing costs, and if a customer loses their certificate, they can generate a duplicate of the original on the system.

“That’s all systems go. As UIF, we will continue to embrace technology to improve our services to our clients.

“Companies and entrepreneurs will also be able to apply more quickly to potential business opportunities, including government tenders, as the UIF certificate of compliance is often one of the requirements for doing business with the government,” Yawa says.



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