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For businesses, the value of training cannot be overemphasized. With the advent of technology and the unprecedented pandemic, online training has increased. The most crucial benefit of online training is that it is consistent for in-office and remote staff. However, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain the level of online training. With the right tools, however, it becomes easier. For example, to share training materials at your own pace, you can use a learning management system and for live classes, a web conferencing tool like Adobe Connect App, the task has become much easier. But making your online training good and engaging for employees can move your business forward.

So, let’s take a look at five ways to improve your online training and make it stand out.

Conduct learner surveys before and after the end of the training.

Adult learners are well aware that they prefer to be engaged in their learning experience. By distributing an introductory survey, you strive to let them tell you what they hope to learn from your training and how they plan to apply the knowledge and skills in their daily lives. This not only involves the learners in the process, but also provides you with essential information on how best to convey the desired message. After the class, ask the trainees to rate you for more insight. You can use the information from a graduation survey to improve the future course and follow up with former students. When it comes to building a classroom with great ratings and engagement, your eLearners will be your greatest allies.

Make it responsive to all devices: laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Today’s learners expect to be able to access information from a variety of devices. Make sure your online training is responsive, meaning it can be viewed on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This gives you a significant advantage over your rivals who exclusively offer computer-based learning. Use an authoring tool that allows you to create cross-device online training that works on all platforms. There should be no need to spend resources developing separate courses for each device.

Make sure your information is well structured.

What if your driving instructor told you to get behind the wheel right away and told you he would teach you traffic rules and speeds later? That’s not how it works. You will become annoyed and stop, or if you are feeling brave you will try, fail, be disappointed and leave. With that, it should be clear that if you want learners to understand everything and stay focused, you need to format your content correctly. You can make minor changes, but the essential framework of your online training should remain mostly unchanged.

Invest in design to improve the look of online training.

Visually appealing online training stands out. It’s an approach to instantly distinguish your workout from the competition. Content and context are two main considerations when deciding if your online training will meet the demands of your consumers, but visual appeal is also key. Simply put, a visually appealing formation looks sophisticated and sets high expectations. Plus, choosing colors that are eye-catching and complement your branding will do wonders for your online training.

Use gamification components.

Incorporating game-like elements into your training, such as scores, leaderboards, and rewards, makes it more interesting and enhances the online training experience. Gamification exercises encourage learners to strive for excellence. Overcoming difficulties and working towards an end goal gives trainees a sense of accomplishment.


You risk losing customers to your competitors if you fail to make your training stand out online. The best method to differentiate yourself from your competition is to first establish what your needs are, then find the most appropriate online training software.

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