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Although the pandemic has caused obstacles on the road for many players in the tire industry and around the world, it has not affected the risks associated with tire maintenance, which is why the Tire Industry Association remained committed to improving tire safety by providing training and education. , said Kevin Rohlwing, senior vice president of training at TIA, during a press conference at SEMA 2021.

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Rohlwing thanked the association and its board of directors for not disrupting training efforts during the pandemic.

“The online university has been operating all the time; we did all of these webinars at the start of the pandemic, but one thing we didn’t do that I’m incredibly proud of is that we stopped updating our programs, and I think that’s an important point that must be made, “he said.

In fact, TIA’s training programs have evolved to keep pace with technological change, Rohlwing said. TIA recognized the industry needed more online offerings and had a whole plan to update training in 2020 and 2021 ahead of the pandemic, he said. The pandemic “really closed us down” because training is done on the ground; in people’s businesses, he said.

Rohlwing said this limited TIA’s ability to come to companies in person to film, but the association has always found ways to have safe training programs in place, one of which was carried out in filming outside.

“In fact, in 2020 we were able to film an update to the commercial tire base service program,” he said.

TIA is currently updating its basic service program for automotive tires, which will be released in 2022, he added. The commercial program is 11 years old and the automotive program 10 years old, which is why it was time to update them, he said.

Rohlwing said TIA’s certified 300 and 400 level programs are also being updated.

Closed captioning added to online training videos

TIA is also adding closed captions to all online training, which “sort of came as a last minute thing,” Rohlwing said. The association has what is called TIA Online University, which is a learning management system with all training available online. Rohlwing said many members use this resource for training new employees.

Adding closed captions to the videos in the online training suite was a lot of work, as some videos were 10 minutes long and split into different parts, it was crucial to ensure that the captioning encoded matched the videos perfectly, Rohlwing said.

He added that he believes the closed captioning feature will be more effective for technicians.

“In fact, it was driven by some board members who have deaf and hard of hearing employees,” he said. “They can follow through in a binder type document, but it’s much more effective when you have closed captioning. “

Management internship

TIA is also expanding its training beyond technical tire training and entering the management space, Rohlwing said. The organization partnered with Glen Nicholson of Mohr Retail, former president of TIA and who also worked for TVC in their training department, to deliver a management training program.

Rohlwing said that this is a retail management training program that “teaches managers to be better leaders; conflict resolution; how do you motivate people? How do you listen? How do you deal with people? ” He said.

The program was piloted last year and the response to the first program has been excellent, Rohlwing said. Some sales reps followed him and pointed out that the course was too retail focused for some and didn’t apply to the business, so Rohlwing said he sat down with Glen and that he had taken a few days to move it to give it more business orientation.

“We have a full schedule for 2022 for business management and retail courses,” he said. “These courses are great for business and retail managers to teach them how to manage people, relationship skills [and] conflict resolution. There are a lot of ways to deal with people, and it’s not something that we as TIA do. It’s not our area of ​​expertise, but Glen is fantastic and does a great job.

The program continues to receive rave reviews and offers a lot of coaching and peer engagement, Rohlwing added.



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