The DGCA sets up an online air safety reporting system


The Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGCA) has set up an online system for the voluntary reporting of incidents that pose a potential threat to flight safety.

He said that to encourage voluntary safety reporting, in addition to email and postal mode, online reporting had been introduced on the eGCA platform, which made the reporting mechanism more accessible to those engaged in activities. related to aviation.

However, the voluntary safety reporting system did not replace the mandatory safety reporting system which would continue to operate.

As part of the state safety program, the DGCA had a voluntary safety reporting system to facilitate the collection of information on actual or potential safety deficiencies that may not be captured by the reporting system. mandatory safety report.

Not punitive

The DGCA said the reporting system would be non-punitive and would protect the source of the information.

Anyone who witnesses or is involved in or has knowledge of an event, hazard or situation which they believe poses a potential threat to flight safety may report it through the system on eGCA or by email or postal, the contact details made available on the official website of the DGCA, she specifies in a circular.

Information collected through the Voluntary Safety Reporting System will be treated in such a way as to prevent its use for purposes other than safety and will be protected appropriately.

The confidentiality of the identity of the person making the report would be maintained. While anonymous reports are accepted, the person can release their identity to allow contact if any part of the report needs clarification, the DGCA said.


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