The Boostly online training platform integrates with the Guesty marketplace


UK / Israel: Boostly, a online training platform for hotel owners, announced its integration with leading property management software platform Guest.

Using the power of the API, Guesty’s platform will now intelligently connect to websites designed by Boostly to facilitate consumer booking experiences and increase direct bookings for property managers and owners.

As the short-term rental industry continues to grow and develop, Guesty and Boostly’s innovative technology solution offerings are designed to enhance the guest experience and hospitality operations. Customers of short-term rental brands will also be able to enjoy seamless booking experiences on WordPress websites, without the need to visit a third-party platform or OTA. [online travel agency].

Marking a “monumental” leap in the direct book revolution, the partnership is expected to provide property management companies with the tools to manage their listings independently and take greater ownership of their brand identity.

Boostly claims its WordPress solution serves over half of the internet landscape, with 61% of all websites hosted on the WordPress platform. By integrating with Guesty’s live booking engine, Boostly will automatically sync with current Guesty’s booking rates, booking availability, property information, through the former’s platform.

Boostly’s partnership with Guesty will strive to convert more “viewers” to “bookers”, thereby increasing revenue and bookings volume for the most important growing segment of the hospitality industry. Guesty is a leading property management platform, automating and streamlining all aspects of the growing short-term rental industry, and providing technology solutions that simplify complex and urgent business needs.

Guesty’s feature portfolio includes channel management, 24/7 guest communication services and accounting, along with its robustness. Marlet, which integrates with leading industry third-party operators to help professional hosts and property management companies manage better. Boostly’s WordPress websites can now be powered by live booking engines, a first in the short-term rental industry.

Alexandra Mandel, Business Development Manager at Guesty, said: “Guesty is delighted that Boostly is joining our strong market and providing users with tools and strategies to drive direct bookings through custom web design, optimized for conversion. They now join the largest market of all property management software, integrating directly into our platform.

“We are incredibly proud to offer such tools and services to our users, to help them meet all of the business needs in the hospitality and short-term rental space,” she added.

Mark Simpson, Founder and CEO of Boostly, said: “As always, Boostly keeps in mind the goal of turning visitors into buyers – and that’s exactly what we’re achieving by partnering with Guesty. Their software and dynamite platform, paired with Boostly’s WordPress websites, will be revolutionary for Guesty users. [and their guests].

“Not only will this ensure more direct bookings, but it will facilitate a seamless booking experience. Boostly’s technology and dynamic web design give small business owners and property managers in the short-term rental world the same visibility offered by major OTAs, such as Airbnb and Expedia, ”he added. .

To date, Boostly has created over 600 WordPress websites and helped thousands of property owners drive more direct bookings, as the only accredited company of its kind in the short-term rental industry. By partnering with Guesty, the company is presenting a new tool to better control the brand’s identity, as well as to increase revenue through direct bookings.

Boostly aims to give hotel owners the tools, tactics, knowledge and confidence to increase their direct bookings.

Founded with the sole purpose of getting their head on the beds and giving its members 100% control of their own business with direct bookings, Boostly provides a platform and resources where hosts can learn marketing tactics. practical and easy to apply immediately. The Boostly Academy is a leader in CPD [Continuing Professional Development] Accredited hotel training portal, created by hotel professionals for hotel professionals.


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