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American farms are increasingly relying on technology to handle the unpredictable aspects of harvesting and herding operations. However, many agricultural tasks are still done manually resulting in a waste of valuable time and money.

Aquiline drones (AD) has an immediate solution – Smart agriculture with drones, online training. For an introductory price of $ 99, any drone operator or farmer can now learn how to better manage agricultural business operations with data using drones and artificial intelligence (AI) for immense analysis and revenue-optimizing forecasting. .

A synopsis of the new innovative instructional module can be viewed on this direct video link …

AD now offers this insightful and industry-specific course as part of its Flight to the Future (F2F) online drone pilot training series with several training modules under development. The Smart Farming module is part of a collection of advanced ground training courses, suitable for different industries and available to all students after completing the basic training. F2F program and received their FAA Part 107 drone pilot certification. It can also be purchased à la carte directly by anyone who has already obtained their Part 107 license.

With approximately 215,000 Part 107 commercial drone pilots in the United States and the growing trend to incorporate artificial intelligence into commercial drone operations, AD has recognized that there is a market of professionals looking for ways to monetize their licenses. . Priced at $ 99, Smart Farming with Drones presents a short track to building powerful skills to address a segment of the industry that is growing by 13% per year, according to Grand View Research.

402 Agriculture: Smart agriculture with drones is now available as part of the F2F program. Anyone can register for the course to this direct information link …

Within 48 hours of purchasing the module, students will receive login information to begin their training and will be able to access the course at:

“The educational journey offered here takes the user through the ever-expanding world of drone-based smart farming solutions covering crop, orchard and livestock operations. The course provides a thorough treatment, covering all key topics that one needs to know before becoming a specialized drone service provider within the agricultural industry,” said Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of AD. “Thought leadership in our industry carries the responsibility of creating vibrant marketplaces where technology can be applied to benefit society, and AD takes this very seriously.”

Aquiline Drones Corporation (AD) is an American drone manufacturer and cloud solutions company located in the financial district of Hartford, Connecticut. Founded by CEO Barry Alexander, AD’s senior leadership includes highly experienced aviators, systems engineers, IT gurus, military personnel (including veterans), and business strategists. AD provides a vertically integrated mix of products and services. These include an aviation cloud for commercial drones, drone manufacturing in the United States, ‘maintenance-repair-overhaul’ (MRO) services, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) solutions for large companies and governments, a superior line of Spartacus drone products, a strong drone training academy and the nation’s first ‘on-demand drone’ service allowing customers to order drone services through a proprietary mobile app . AD’s full suite of technology solutions are widely applicable in countless industries and environments for superior real-time data processing and information. Visit for more information.



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