Robust online system in place for border reopening



File photo: Stuart Young – Photo by Angelo Marcelle

“A very robust platform,” is how Prime Minister Stuart Young described the TT Travel Pass, which will be used to manage entry into the country.

Those who qualify to enter Trinidad and Tobago must download all the necessary information HERE.

The reopening border policy requires that only vaccinated non-nationals, as well as vaccinated and unvaccinated nationals, be allowed entry. All unvaccinated nationals must enter through Piarco International Airport and be quarantined for 14 days at a state-supervised quarantine facility. Vaccinees can enter through Trinidad or Tobago.

All travelers must present a negative PCR test performed no later than three days before arrival.

Young said the system is not new as it is being used in other jurisdictions. He recalled that the penalty for falsifying information is six months in prison and a fine of $ 350,000.

The site was unveiled Wednesday during a press conference at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

The platform will facilitate the opening of the borders on Saturday, after they were closed on March 21 of last year.

In April of last year, the Department of Education’s e-learning platform at crashed within minutes of going live.

Asked what is going on with TT Travel Pass, Young said he anticipated the question and would have made money if he had bet it would be the first question.

“We have built a very robust platform. We did all we could. We’re happy, but you can never predict what might happen. Part of the whole scanning process is that you have systems in place. We hope there will be no problems.

Young said the site is an “important step in dealing with the pandemic.”

He added that travelers will need to enter their data, which includes their vaccination dates and confirmation of stay in quarantine, including transport to a quarantine site, if applicable, and a negative PCR test. Once this is done and there are no questions, the traveler will receive a certificate which can be printed or saved to an electronic device. This certificate allows the traveler to book a flight.

He said that with the launch of the website, the Ministry of Digital Transformation will be in charge, under the supervision of the Ministry of National Security.

There will also be a call center to help those who may have problems uploading their information, Young said. The counter will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will be managed by TSTT. Asked about the capacity of the call center, Young said it would be announced at a later date.

Electronic vaccination cards for nationals will become a reality “in the coming months,” he said. The Ministry of Digital Transformation, along with the Ministry of Health, will lead this project.

He added that nationals who wish to travel can bring their white vaccination cards to their county medical health units to obtain a green international vaccination card. They will also need to show a flight itinerary to prove they are traveling.


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