Regina Public Schools Online System Hacked


Cybersecurity attacks happen every day, and as the Regina Public Schools Division discovered this week, no one is immune.

Knowing of a hack on May 22, 2022, the council released a statement on Twitter, saying in part:

“Following this attack, the school division took its systems offline to assess the nature and scope of the attack and to ensure that the school division’s systems can be safely brought back online. . When the school division noticed the suspicious activity on its systems, it took immediate action, suspending all affected systems and securing them to mitigate any impact to data and operations.

In a statement, the Ministry of Education added:

“The Government of Saskatchewan is aware that Regina Public Schools suffered a cybersecurity attack and we understand that the division is taking the appropriate steps to bring the computer system back online safely with the support of cybersecurity professionals, and will investigate the attack appropriately.

This is not the first cyberattack the province has suffered in a major sector in the past two years. Both the healthcare sector and the SLGA were targeted, and cybersecurity expert Brennen Schmidt said that was because the focus was not where it should be.

“We hear time and time again that fiscal restraint is a priority, the government is very, very focused on economic recovery, and unfortunately these kinds of scenarios put a complete stop to that kind of recovery,” Schmidt said.

“Saskatchewan’s economic future is going to depend on how we strengthen defenses and invest strategically so that we don’t have bad actors continuing to do so,” he added.

At that time, the Regina Public Schools Division could not confirm the depth of the breach, or what information was leaked.

The Twitter message says they will continue to update the public via Facebook and Twitter, while email and school portals will remain offline.

Parents are asked to call the schools for any student service needs.


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