‘Pravasi Mitram’ for ‘Adalat Income’ Online for Expats: Minister K Rajan


Thiruvananthapuram, Jun 19 (UNI) ‘Pravasi Mitram’ will be set up on the model of ‘Revenue Mitram’ to conduct online income campaigns for expatriates, Kerala Revenue Minister K Rajan has said.

Nodal officers will be responsible for setting up special cells within the State Land Revenue Commissionerate and District Collectorates to ensure pravasias issues are addressed, the minister said during a speech at the Loka Kerala Sabha on Saturday.

Stating that an optional bridging system would be put in place for expats to pay for various services, he also asked expats to join the housing adoption scheme run by the National Housing Board.

Speaking on the occasion, Industry Minister P Rajeev said online adalats will be conducted to resolve the industrial investment grievances of the pravasias.

“Obsolete laws and outdated provisions of the rules will be amended. The committee formed for this purpose has submitted its recommendation and the decision has been taken to change the laws which are not adapted to the current period,” he added.

There is a lot of propaganda going on outside to weaken the Loka Kerala Sabha, but all members have stood up for Kerala and the Loka Kerala Sabha, supporting the feeling of being a Malayalee beyond party politics.

Stating that the Loka Kerala Sabha is a direct representation of the expatriate community, he said it had been suggested in the Sabha that there should be no attempt to weaken relations between Kerala and the Gulf countries .

“When I went with the Chief Minister to attend Expo Dubai, the welcome I received from the authorities in Dubai was touching. It was recognition for the Malayalee Pravasi community. only one party in the Loka Kerala Sabha and that is in favor of Kerala,” he added.



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