PMC to launch online system for medical students and practitioners


Islamabad: The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) plans to launch a fully automated online application system in March allowing medical graduates and licensed practitioners to apply for licenses, renewals and other services without going to the office of the commission.

According to a PMC official, the services would also include the addition of online qualifications as well as an online payment methodology without visiting PMC’s offices or banks. He said the pre-existing database of licensed practitioners only contained CNICs of less than 35 percent of licensed practitioners on their record.

The board approved the launch, in March 2021, of the digital license profile project, allowing practitioners to create their digital profile online and, after biometric verification, update their status and profile online with automated verification.

He added that the digital license profile would allow the commission to license practitioners immediately and in a digital format. It would also secure a practitioner’s data and identity, and allow a public mobile app for anyone to verify medical status.

He said the commission also approved a policy allowing licensed physicians who were not practicing or were based outside Pakistan to simply notify the commission of their non-practice status in Pakistan to stop renewal and any other fees levied. on their licenses.

The commission approved the decisions of the Discipline Committee which result in the imposition of sanctions, including heavy fines for doctors and dentists working without a valid license, as well as the suspension and cancellation of licenses for negligence and the indictment of privileges.

The regulations provided for disciplinary arbitration by the PMC Discipline Committee of complaints of negligence, harassment and other violations of the code of ethics by licensed practitioners.

Major and minor penalties defined, including cancellation and suspension of licenses and the imposition of fines with the inclusion for the first time of a penalty requiring a practitioner to provide free service in the public sector and low income regions.

The board heard about a group of international students who had graduated before the assessment of foreign colleges and after the assessment their colleges were placed on List B, forcing them to return to the country where they were. have graduated to obtain a license.

He said in this regard that a single special path has been approved for these graduates to replace the requirement of a foreign license with eligibility for a license to start their work from home in Pakistan.

In accordance with the policy regarding the single license path for students who graduated before January 2021 from a foreign college in List B, students would be treated for a license with requirements included, they would be required to show eligibility to bachelor’s degree in the country from which they graduated if they did not acquire a license in that country, they qualify the NLE, on the NLE qualification, they would be granted a provisional license, then they would be required to complete domestic work in Pakistan during the completion of domestic work, they would obtain a full license.

The board made it clear that all those who graduated from a List B college and were granted provisional licenses earlier on the basis of the green list would be required to be in the first NLE and qualify to maintain validity. of their provisional license.

If that person fails to qualify for the first NLE, the provisional license will be suspended until they qualify for the NLE. Likewise, if a person in this category who graduated from their university were granted a provisional license on the basis of the green list, they would previously be granted a provisional license to begin with, he added.


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