Physical driving licenses likely to be withdrawn in favor of the online system


He adds, “Our services will be secure, scalable and resilient and we will continue to explore and expand the use of emerging technologies.”

The automotive research charity, the RAC Foundation, has highlighted one of the risks of the plan, saying that “the more personal data we store on our phones, the more they become a tempting target for thieves and hackers.” .

Elsewhere, eight US states, including Arizona, Iowa, and Utah, recently announced that they will begin accepting digital driver’s licenses and other IDs stored on the iPhone’s built-in Wallet app. from Apple.

A similar solution for Android phone users is also expected. In fact, Google detailed in October 2020 how Android users can scan their licenses for storage on the phone.

It has been claimed that UK driving licenses could not go digital before now due to European Union regulations. The EU is known to be working on a similar, non-mandatory app that would allow users to prove their age and show their driver’s license.

This is not the first time that the DVLA has taken steps to update driver’s licenses.

In 2015, it removed the paper equivalents of driver’s licenses, which showed the penalty points accumulated by the holder and the types of vehicles he could legally drive. These have been replaced by online registrations.

A year later, Oliver Morley, then managing director of DVLA, tweeted a photo of a prototype digital driver’s license, intended to be used as a “supplement” to the plastic card license, rather than a replacement.

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