Online training program on developing an action plan to control air pollution


Date: December 1 – 10, 2021

Note: Participation is by invitation only

The CSE, together with SEPA, is organizing a ten-day online training program on develop an action plan to combat air pollution. As Sweden has achieved good results in tackling air pollution in their cities, CSE would be delighted to have SEPA experts in this training program who can share their knowledge and expertise with the participants. In its desire to contribute to improving air quality, the CSE feels the need to disseminate knowledge to the actors concerned and thus plans to organize an online course on the subject. Since pollution control board officers are the main stakeholders in this area, this program is designed to enable regulators to understand how a pollution reduction plan can be prepared for an area. The aim is to develop a workforce that will conduct such studies and help strengthen policy implementation.

Program outcome:

To develop understanding on-

  • Need for industrial air quality management
  • Understanding of meteorology
  • Criteria for the development of the surveillance network
  • Methodology for collecting ambient air quality data in Sweden
  • Legal standards governing indoor air quality in Sweden
  • Emissions inventory and pollution load assessment
  • Use of air quality modeling
  • Methodology for developing action plans
  • Methodology for working with action plans in Sweden
  • Sweden’s Action Plan Case Studies – Measures and Stakeholders
  • Jaipur Case Study

Training mode: This training program is a self-paced course. The online training program will include pre-recorded expert lectures, live question-and-answer sessions, presentations, videos and reading material. The recorded conference can be evaluated by the participants at any time. The training program will be followed by a webinar that will discuss how the lessons of the training program are implemented or planned to be implemented by the respective PCB. As Swedish experts will be part of the webinar, their expertise will provide information on how they have ensured the effective implementation of their action plans and policies.

Who can apply – Officials of pollution control offices

For more details and to participate, contact:

Md Mostak Al Farhad
Industrial Pollution Unit
[email protected]
+91 9038775372

Ishita Garg
Deputy Program Manager
Industrial Pollution Unit
[email protected]
+91 9899676011


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