Online training program launched by the Association of Geothermal Heat Pumps.


The Ground Source Heat Pump Association has launched an online training program to increase understanding of heat pumps, improve the skill levels of people already working in the UK heat pump industry and give advice to people seeking a career in the heat pump industry.

The online training program, consisting of four modules, will go live early next year (2022). It will provide people with practical advice and essential information on all aspects of ground source heat pumps. There will also be live online question-and-answer sessions with seasoned industry professionals including Laura Bishop, President of GSHPA.

The program will focus on all types of ground source heat pump systems – commercial, residential, mixed-use and retrofit, and is aimed at architects, consulting engineers, contractors, facility managers, energy managers and students – and anyone interested in heat. decarbonization and Net Zero.

Laura Bishop, President of GSHPA, said: “Over the next 10 to 20 years, we can expect a massive increase in the deployment of heat pumps, as low-carbon electric heat is seen as essential to heat pumps. the country’s efforts to achieve net zero. This is an exciting growth opportunity – heat pumps are a key part of the UK’s green industrial revolution.

“But the GSHPA recognizes the need to improve public knowledge and understanding of heat pumps, the need to upgrade our existing workforce, and the need to retrain people who wish to leave the gas heating industries. and plumbing. We also want to help and encourage people who want to get into the heat pump industry for the first time. Our training program provides an easy way to learn and hear from some of the most experienced people working in the heat pump industry today.

The course will cover a range of topics including systems approach, building requirements and adaptation to power source, geology, system hydraulics, design software, heat pump combination with other technologies, the interface with the supply chain, commissioning and especially case studies.

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