Online training is vital for healthcare workers


By Salome Gregoire

Dar es Salaam. Online training of healthcare workers plays an important role in equipping and updating them with new and modern skills to care for patients in the country.

Aga Khan Health Services Medical Director Dr Harrison Chuwa made the statement at the launch of digital training for healthcare providers on managing the care of patients with severe complications.

They include those with a Covid-19 infection requiring intensive care and support.

Speaking at the event, he said that health workers are supposed to renew their license every year, noting that sometimes it becomes difficult to have enough time to pursue said upgrade studies.

“On-the-job training is the one that would help them improve their knowledge while providing services to Tanzanians,” he said.

The launch was accompanied by the distribution of information and communication technology (ICT) equipment and items to six public health facilities in Dar es Salaam.


“This platform is part of the activities carried out under the European Union-funded East Africa Covid-19 Response Partnership Project aimed at complementing the efforts of the Government of Tanzania to respond to the pandemic, strengthen the systems health and service delivery,” he said.

In launching the training, Dar es Salaam Regional Medical Officer (RMO), Dr. Rashid Mfaume, who graced the event, highlighted the commitment of development partners in generating and implementing impactful projects.

The European Union and Aga Khan Development Agencies (AKDA) strive to address specific areas of high need and systematize partner facilities by facilitating an integration of information technology (IT) and healthcare which today affects the knowledge transfer needs of our colleagues.

According to Dr Mfaume, the distribution of 20 million shillings worth of ICT equipment and items to six health facilities has facilitated direct digital learning by enrolling all staff in the programme.

The beneficiary health establishments are the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI), the reference hospitals of Amana, Temeke and Mwananyamala, Sinza as well as the hospitals of Mbagala.

For his part, Amana Hospital Medical Officer Dr. Bryceson Kiwelu said the Aga Khan Health Service in the country was setting an example in public-private partnership by complementing the government’s efforts in building capacity. health services.


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