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NEW STORIES. 06/29/2022

The project in Trichy, in collaboration with the Hope and Joy Foundation, helps more than 600 children.

The trainers-educators of the Real Madrid Foundation social sports schools in Trichy, (India) received the second cycle of training on football and values, delivered online by the Foundation’s training service. The city is home to six social sports schools, supporting around 600 beneficiaries of local education centers, in collaboration with the Hope and Joy Foundation.

The training aims to reinforce the knowledge of Real Madrid Foundation philosophy and pedagogy, For a TRUE Education, Values ​​and Sport, and explain in depth the techniques and other essential aspects of the comprehensive teaching model. The coaches were very interested in these active and innovative sports teaching methodologies, which put the students themselves at the forefront of the learning process, helping to reinforce values ​​such as independence.

Activities with educational value
The beneficiaries of the social sports schools are boys and girls of different religious beliefs, from families in a situation of social exclusion. The Foundations schools want to contribute to the integral development of children through football training, promoting attitudes around educational values ​​and helping to acquire sports skills, as well as developing motor skills and physical fitness to ensure healthy life habits.

At the same time as the sports program, the beneficiaries receive food and after-school tutoring to try to avoid dropping out of school. In addition, families are encouraged to get involved through workshops and talks on the importance of keeping their children in school, seeking to prevent them from entering the world of work prematurely.


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