Online system for transfers, postings to revenue department wanted


Following the latest bouts of confrontation between Joint Council and NGO Union members at Kozhikode Civil Station over the ‘politically motivated’ inter-district transfer of revenue department officers, the Kerala Land Revenue Staff Association (KLRSA) again called on the state government to consider the early implementation of the online transfer and display system within the revenue department.

KLRSA officials point out that only the revenue department shrugged off the implementation of the proposal which could streamline the whole procedures without leaving room for irregularities and political patronage.

“If online transfer and posting is implemented, it is certain that the new system will put an end to political interference in the determination of transfers. Some of the union leaders are very aware of this and they are doing their best to prevent its implementation,” a senior KLRSA official said. He also pointed out that these leaders primarily thrive in the industry through their grip on transfer controls as a reward for active organizational work.

A village officer who is now part of the association said conflicts between junior and senior revenue department officers over transfers were also getting worse every year due to political interference. “Some senior officers trying to get a transfer back to their home district are very annoyed by the privileges given to their subordinates for political reasons,” he said.

KLRSA officials believe that the implementation of online transfers will establish a legal system where eligible persons will receive justifiable treatment without any political interference. They also allege that the existing system lacks transparency and operates on the basis of political preferences.


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