Online project monitoring system for the Industries department.


Industry Minister P. Rajeeve on Friday launched a centralized online monitoring system to track the progress of various projects under the Industries and Coir departments.

The system was launched with the aim of performing a detailed and constant assessment of the progress of each segment of large projects and ensuring timely completion and increased efficiency.

All the projects of the various agencies and institutions that are part of the departments will be grouped together in the system and a timetable will be set for each of the activities. Implementers can track difficulties with particular projects and escalate them to senior levels or to government, to quickly resolve the issue. In addition to projects implemented by various agencies, the system also allows land acquisition tracking, land allocation tracking, progress tracking of 1 lakh MSME projects and program monitoring. “Meet the Minister”.

Mobile app

To assess the physical progress of the various works and their uploading, a mobile application has also been developed. Implementers can collect the information from the field and tag it with geographic locations, photos and videos. Each institution has a separate analytical dashboard.

The Digital Innovation and Product Development Center, under the State Government Digital University, developed the monitoring system for the Industries department.


The surveillance system portal was hosted at

The General Manager of Kerala State Industries Development Corporation MG Rajamanikyam, Director of Industries Department S. Harikishore, Department Director Coir VR Vinod, Vice Chancellor of Kerala Digital University Saji Gopinath and others were present.


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