Ministry introduces online system to monitor workers


The Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development has set up an online system to monitor workers across the country to track their safety and health while on duty.
The Commissioner for Occupational Health, Mr. Francis Odong Gimoro, said the system will cover all workers registered with the Ministry of Gender.
“Since we are all joining the digital world, it is very expensive for a person to travel over 400 kilometers to Kampala to pick up forms to do an assessment and then come back to pick up the registration certificate,” he said. he told reporters at an annual symposium. on human rights in Kampala yesterday.

The meeting was organized by the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers FIDA-Uganda.
Odong added that the ministry introduced the system because manual inspection was tedious and labor-intensive.
According to Odong, the platform will also help the ministry know the location of the workplace so that it can guide users to report issues affecting their stations or become whistleblowers.

“We will rely on workplaces to give us information to launch investigations. It is the duty of workers to know their rights and to inform inspectors about what is happening in their workplace,” he said.
FIDA Advocacy Officer Ms. Elizabeth Kemigisha said employees and employers still face violations, adding that the number of cases is overwhelming.
“We started an initiative with the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) labor office to address some of the increasing numbers of violations, most of which were by women and youth,” she said.
Ms Kemigisha added that these numbers have continued to rise as they are registering more than 100 new cases per month and they do not have the capacity to deal with them in a short time,” she said.

The General Chairman of the National Organization of Trade Unions (Notu), Mr. Usher Wilson Owere, has called for the strengthening of labor administration.
“We want an autonomous ministry where the Ministry of Civil Service, Labor and Social Security are united since they deal with all issues affecting workers,” he said.
“The Ministry of Gender is supposed to have labor offices in all districts with inspectors, but there are very few of them and this affects workers across the country,” he said.
Mr. Owere called for the empowerment of gender officers to effectively inspect workers and ensure safety and the rule of law.


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