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When I first came across the local training platform, ReSkills, I was skeptical.

In my personal experience, I felt like I was getting some marketing guru vibes from the app, especially with the courses titled “3 Secrets On Selecting Funds To Get Your Winning Funds” or “Grow Your Funds”. powerful negotiating skills ”. Not to mention, the thumbnails depict either stock images meant to evoke a sense of motivation, or coaches in blazers with their arms crossed.

Those wary of digital marketing or lifestyle gurus would probably consider them red flags for legitimacy, but as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover. So, we spoke to the team to find out more about the site.

From a consumer’s perspective, the user interface of the app and its site might take some work, but in the end, it’s the content that matters most.

The categories of training programs you will find here are about entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, career improvement and self-improvement, taught by “master coaches”. It made me wonder who even these coaches are and what expertise do they have?

CEO Jin Tan explained that the 100 ReSkills coaches from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India and the Philippines each have a minimum of 10 combined years of practice and training experience in their respective sectors.

To further justify their quality, ReSkills is a registered training provider with HRDC (Human Resource Development Corporation of Malaysia). The app was also developed to help coaches move their services online, as corporate training was one of the industries hit hard by the pandemic.

Find another audience

When COVID-19 hit our shores, Jin noticed the panic and uncertainty faced by corporate trainers and educators who were reluctant to move their services online. They still hoped that things would get back to normal soon.

At the same time, his involvement with young people through non-profit organizations has drawn his attention to a worrying problem. Many young people lacked direction and did not see the potential they had in themselves.

Jin wondered if there was a way to help trainers share their expertise with young people who might want to learn from it. With over 12 years in the tech industry, Jin and his CTO Ivan Tan partnered with Jegan, who has worked in the training and development scene for over a decade to found ReSkills.

Learning is a two-way street

ReSkills operates as a live learning platform where seminars are held in real time so students can interact with coaches as they have questions. Called OnLIVE, classes are available daily, and users are notified of upcoming classes two weeks in advance so they can plan ahead.

These daily live courses are probably one of the most notable features of the platform. Although schools do this daily via Zoom calls, some edutech platforms outside of the school setting choose to host their video lessons on a pre-recorded basis.

The live lessons hosted on these sites tend to be one-on-one lessons and are not daily, depending on your agreement with your trainer or coach.

ReSkills CEO Jin Tan (left) and CEO Jegaynsan Gopinathan (right) / Image credit: ReSkills

But the advantage of pre-recorded videos is that students have the ability to learn at their own pace, which Jin acknowledged, but argued that learners then have to fill in their knowledge gaps with their own assumptions. This can be counterproductive when it comes to effective learning.

“In fact, one thing all of our expert coaches can agree on is that learning has to be a two-way interactive process. This means that they should be able to question, ask for clarification, and even challenge the instructor, ”Jin added.

Of course, the videos can also be re-watched via ReSkills OnTheGo, in case the learners need to review the lesson or have missed the live lessons. To date, Jin reported that ReSkills has already hosted over 180 OnLIVE sessions.

A few ringgits per day to improve skills

To monetize, ReSkills operates on an annual billed subscription model:

  • 150 USD / year (approximately 622 RM): 1 year of access to ReSkills OnLive;
  • USD 300 / year (approximately 1,244): One year of access to ReSkills OnLive, ReSkills OnTheGo, and ReSkills Library, where you will find course learning materials.

The annual fee might seem high at first glance, but when spread over 365 days, users would pay RM 1.70 or RM 3.20 per day to access content and speak to industry experts. For those who are committed to perfecting themselves and enjoying ReSkills daily classes, its prices seem fair.

“Think Netflix, we are the Netflix model for e-learning focused on a high-impact, live interactive learning space. Our main motto is to make education affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere, ”said Jin.

Subscribers can see what classes are available for the day on the homepage / Image Credit: ReSkills

Basically, the coaches on the platform are primarily corporate trainers, and ReSkill also offers packages for such training programs through ReSkills OnDemand and ReSkills for Business.

ReSkills OnDemand operates as a free marketplace where coaches can set their own prices for lessons, and participants pay à la carte. On the other hand, ReSkills For Business is billed as a corporate bundle package for organizations looking to host specific training programs for their employees.

“Or, to make things easier, [employers] can contact us directly to arrange a one-to-one class on their topic of choice as well as with their trainer of choice, ”said Jin.

Capture more learners

While Jin hasn’t shared too much data on ReSkills subscribers, he told us that the majority of his users are individuals rather than businesses. This shows that people are looking to develop themselves during the pandemic, whether it is to advance their careers or to enrich themselves personally.

To evolve, the application has since partnered with Celcom, where 50,000 subscribers will benefit from 15 months access to ReSkills OnLIVE. In a statement, Celcom said it saw data traffic growth of 70% during MCO. This partnership should therefore give ReSkills the necessary leverage to develop.

If the edutech site can focus its marketing efforts to reach more of the middle class market of individuals seeking employment or who wish to advance their careers, ReSkills has the opportunity to become their go-to site for a variety of live lessons. .

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