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Mumbai: The Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Education Council (MSB-SHSE) on Wednesday instructed schools to complete the assessment and upload student grades for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) of here June 30.
The board will create an online system for schools to upload final grades from June 21 to 30. Teachers must complete assessment and tabulation by June 20. The results committee of seven members from each school will have until June 24 to finalize the scores to upload. Sealed physical copies of final grades must be submitted to the board’s Vashi office by June 30. The board will begin finalizing SSC results from July 3. Council officials said the results will be announced by mid-July.
A YouTube video on the grading process is scheduled for Thursday for teachers and principals. As of Friday, schools must get down to the tabulation of grades and the assessment of students who could not be assessed due to unavoidable circumstances. When tabulating grades, teachers were asked to round off the percentages (for example, 13.01, 13.50, or 13.51 will count as 14).
The evaluation is underway in schools. Teachers face a dilemma with bright and average students achieving similar grades on online exams conducted throughout Grade 10.
The results will be reported on the basis of a 50% weighting of the scores obtained in classes 9 and 10. The scores for class 9 were prior to Covid-19 and are more realistic. These marks were uploaded to the Government Education website (SARAL) and cannot be changed.
When compiling the scores for the online written exams of Class 10, teachers reported that most of the students achieved high marks. “We know the capabilities of our students. This time around, bright and average students are tied with high scores on written tests. It could be due to unfair means adopted when writing exams, but we have to give marks, ”said one teacher.
Schools struggle to ensure that students are assessed fairly. Previously, schools awarded students a maximum of 20% internal assessment marks. “It was done to help average students score over 60%,” one teacher said. Now schools have been asked to keep internal assessment scores for the final tabulation step.
Teachers have found that while average students scored well on written tests, they are late in submitting projects.



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