Maha government sets up online system for transferring teachers from ZP schools to ensure transparency


The Maharashtra government has introduced an online system for the transfer of teachers from Zilla Parishad schools to ensure transparency in the process, State Minister Hasan Mushrif has said.

Previously, the transfer system for these teachers was manual and there were allegations that some teachers influenced the process in their favour. Political intervention was also a problem in the previous system. Mushrif, who is rural development minister, launched the online system at Mantralaya, the state secretariat here, on Thursday.

The new online system will manage the database of about two lakh ZP teachers in the state. The government had previously formed a study group of ZP officials, which provided inputs to develop the software to two private companies contracted by the department.

”This system will ensure maximum transparency in the transfer of teachers. Transfers will be made in a way that ensures students get quality teachers,” Mushrif said.

The Rural Development Department‘s additional chief secretary, Rajesh Kumar, said: “Once a teacher has filled in their information in the state database, it can also be seen by other teachers. It will thus curb teachers who might fill in false information to influence the transfer system.” Each teacher eligible for transfer will have to give a list of 30 schools of their preference, he said.

The online database includes information on two lakh teachers, including some physically disabled, widowed, divorced or single and those approaching retirement. These factors will be taken into account at the time of the transfer, the senior official said.

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