Magic: The Gathering Online development team reveals plans for the future


In October, Magic: The Gathering Online will move to the Daybreak Online servers. This will require some downtime though, and the developers have announced their plans.

The game’s developers haven’t discussed all of their plans, although some of what has been revealed has been quite controversial among MTGO gamers. However, some of the blueprints will be a boon to the game and could attract more players to the obtuse old Magic: The Gathering online system.

But what is planned? Here’s what the developers at Daybreak Games discussed.

What do the developers want to improve in Magic: The Gathering Online?

The developers of Magic: The Gathering Online talked about a number of features they want to add to the classic online game app. This is where Magic Online really began, after all. However, one downside is that it’s an incredibly clunky app that’s hard to understand for newcomers.

It’s not always clear what newcomers to the app should do, so some form of onboarding would do the game a lot of good. The developers want to improve the user experience, especially for new MTGO players.

This will require some grip and direction, but will definitely help players stick around once they start the game. On that note, they also want to add a little more Game rewards Gameplay. Magic Online is fun, but earning prizes like card packs, tickets, and other items makes winning that much sweeter. However, they weren’t particularly clear about what that meant.

@MagicOnline Please allow me to continue playing MTGO without auto tapping. Just give me an option to turn it off, that’s all I’m asking.

But not everything is positive. Battlefield Automation is something that fans are worried about. This means they want to add auto-tapping and auto-stepping through phases/turns to Magic: The Gathering Online.

They also want to add some improvements to the overall Magic Online gaming experience. What is the problem here? Auto-Tapping and Auto-Passing can ruin player turns.

Now, it’s not like most players say “Please don’t add this to the game”. What the majority of worried fans want is the ability to disable these automatic features. That way they don’t have to deal with it every game. Some players don’t run decks where this is a problem. But when it comes to complex modern and legacy decks? Having 100% control over your deck and every facet of your turn is important in Magic: The Gathering Online.

@MagicOnline Sounds good, good luck! Especially mfa is a great addition. When working on the commander backlog please consider my boy Bane he feels lonely not on mtgo 🙂

One thing that is important, however, is multi-factor authentication. A lot of money can be invested in a Magic Online account, so having extra security is definitely an advantage. You can trade cards and other in-game items, so there’s always the threat of having an account stolen.

However, the biggest part of this is the Commander update. The goal is to make Magic Online the “commander’s destination”, so there are many factors to consider. One being that the overall multiplayer experience needs improvement. This is a key feature that Daybreak Games will need to work on over the next few years to try to make it a reality.

While this isn’t the full list of what the Magic: The Gathering Online developers are planning, it bodes well for the game, just in general. More content, of course, will be coming to MTGO over the rest of the year, but those are changes that are slated for the distant future.

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