MACmobile Launches Online Training Platform for FIELDForce Product Suite


MACmobile, a leading provider of custom-built, end-to-end scalable, cloud-based FMCG value chain solutions and platforms, has launched FIELDLearning, an online learning management system (LMS) training platform. ). The LMS offers training across the entire FIELDForce product suite, on-demand on any device, with engaging video and text content, skills quizzes, and language conversion capabilities. This dramatically increases customer support, improves the accessibility and cost effectiveness of MACmobile product training, and improves learning retention.

“Historically, we have always offered face-to-face training on our products, but with COVID-19, this was obviously no longer possible. We also had other challenges, including only being able to train one client per week per trainer, and the cost to our client associated with travel and accommodation. Customers were waiting longer to get the training they needed, so the lockdowns were a catalyst for the development of our new online LMS training portal,” says Jaco Ras, Chief Technology Officer at MACmobile.

FIELDLearning allows users to sign up and enroll in courses relevant to them based on the modules they will use in the various FIELDForce apps and access on-demand training. This means that multiple users from multiple clients can be trained simultaneously and can complete the modules at their convenience.

This not only improves access to training, but the efficiency of the process, as people do not need to be taken away from their important daily tasks for training. It also removes cost and time constraints related to training, which have always been a barrier to product adoption.

Courses are intelligently structured to ensure a logical flow of learning that enhances the product experience. After completing each course, users must take a skills quiz to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding and can only move on to the next module once they have passed the quiz. Reports are also available to monitor training progress, attendance and skills for full line of sight in the training process.

FIELDLearning brings together the best of virtual and personal training models, with online content combined with milestone meetings to check on progress, provide guidance and answer any questions businesses and users may have to understand how MACmobile modules will adapt to their professional environment.

“With FIELDLearning, there are no bottlenecks to accessing training, and no need to rush training. It has become a transparent and cost-effective process. There is also an element of gamification and competition between participants to see who can perform better. Together, these factors lead to better information retention and ultimately a better user and product experience,” Ras concludes.


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