Local online training platform expands to reach more businesses


TEXARKANA — Vertical Alliance Group, Inc., a local online education platform, is expanding its footprint with a new division called Vertical Main Street.

Also known as Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, Vertical Alliance Group was founded in 1999. It was initially an online recruitment platform for the trucking industry before transitioning to a training platform that allows companies to deliver and document training for their employees. The company is now adding the Vertical Main Street division to reach more than trucking companies.

“We’ve been training the transportation industry for over 20 years now, and the Main Street Division extends our learning management platform to the mid-sized Main Street business,” said Lydia Wommack, Chief Marketing Officer.

“Our video content to date is really fantastic for transportation, but so many companies need to train their employees. It makes them more efficient, it streamlines things and protects them from litigation. We have developed our learning to be open to any type of industry.”

Arkansas Business recently reported that technology company Texarkana has already raised $685,000, according to a recent filing with the US Securities & Exchange Commission, and hopes to raise nearly $3 million for the new training service.

Wommack declined to disclose those financial numbers to the Texarkana Gazette, citing that Vertical Alliance Group is privately funded. The company has about 60 employees and has delivered more than 125 million training sessions since its launch, she said.

Recruiting and training employees is more important than ever, Wommack said.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is helping businesses become more efficient and safer, and that’s just huge,” she said. “Right now, with the ‘big quit’ and baby boomer retirements, hiring is so difficult. Employee retention is so important, and training is key in that regard.”

As a Texarkana native, Wommack said it’s especially rewarding to be able to build a business like this to affect the lives of those who live in the Twin Cities.

“We are pioneers in online training and recruitment for the transportation industry,” said Jay Wommack, Founder and CEO of Vertical Alliance Group. “The job market is shrinking. Businesses, regardless of industry, need to train their employees if they want to thrive. I know how difficult it is to find and keep employees. Online training works I’m proud to be able to help other businesses face these challenges head-on.”

Vertical Alliance Group/Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is located at 8055 US Highway 67. For more information, visit www.infinitiworkforce.com.


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