Lectrosonics Launches LectroU Online Training Course Series


As more people turn to wireless microphone systems for a variety of use cases across different verticals, Lectrosonics (opens in a new tab) introduces LectroU. The new series of online training courses are aimed at anyone wishing to expand their knowledge and expertise in wireless microphone system technology, best practices and Wireless Designer software. The course series contains five general areas, with several subsections within each. Each of the modules includes videos containing the training material and detailed explanations, followed by quizzes on the subject. Participants who complete all modules will receive a certificate of completion from Lectrosonics. Registration for the LectroU training series is free.

“At Lectrosonics, we want to be a source of information and education, so that wireless users can get the most out of the tools they use for their creative work,” said Karl Winkler, vice president of sales and of Lectrosonics marketing. “We are excited to launch LectroU with this first set of courses and look forward to adding more hardware in the future.”

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Because of the importance of proper cabling of the lapel microphone for best wireless system performance, the first module covers this topic. The Lectrosonics TA5 wiring diagram is explained in detail, along with different types of microphones and other connection types, such as line inputs.

The audio gain structure is one of the central concepts of all audio systems and is therefore covered in the second area.

Since 2002, Lectrosonics products have offered different compatibility modes for interoperability between product lines and even with equipment from other manufacturers. Today’s digital products also offer different modes of compatibility, including receivers that can be used with previous generation digital hybrid wireless transmitters. Thus, the third area of ​​LectroU covers the intricacies of the different compatibility modes offered in Lectrosonics products.

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Frequency coordination and RF band planning are central concepts, especially for moderate to high channel count wireless microphone systems. The fourth LectroU module covers these important concepts.

And since Wireless Designer has become a powerful tool for all Lectrosonics wireless system users and even users of older or non-Lectrosonics systems, the next module covers usage and best practices with this software package.


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