Integration of the informal sector in solid waste management


Rapid urbanization and simultaneous population growth in developing economies have resulted in the generation of huge amounts of waste. While urban local bodies are formally engaged in providing waste management services to their citizens, collection and recycling functions are not performed effectively in many parts of the country – mainly due to a lack of legal orientation, weak sectoral development and a lack of know-how. on sustainable waste management companies.

As a result, in many developing countries, including India, waste collection and material recycling activities are largely carried out by the informal sector. In fact, the reason India – and other nations – haven’t been overwhelmed by their own waste is this so-called “informal sector” workforce. Seemingly unorganized, he is a super effective contributor to the circular economy cause. Unfortunately, little effort is made to integrate this sector and its operations into mainstream solid waste management systems.

The Center for Science and the Environment (CSE) believes that such integration is necessary to achieve a paradigm shift in waste management – ​​this five-day online training program is based on this belief. The objective of the course is to provide information on the role of the informal sector in the waste value chain; actors involved in informal waste recycling; and different integration approaches and strategies.

Course Highlights

  • Informal sector actors and their functioning in the solid waste value chain
  • Challenges and opportunities of informal waste recycling
  • Informal Sector Integration Approaches and Strategies
  • Successful Indian Case Studies

Who will benefit from the training

  • Solid Waste Practitioners
  • Academicians and students
  • NGO
  • Emerging Solid Waste Experts
  • Civil servants of various urban local bodies
  • Consulting firms, start-ups
  • Waste management industry

Participants will receive electronic certificates upon successful completion of the program.

For any questions, please contact:

Minakshi Solanki
Research Intern
Municipal solid waste management
Science and Environment Center
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +91 7827392845

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