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Succulent plants awaiting shipment to gardeners at the nursery of the Little Prince

Little Prince has fabulous and cool plants, cleverly packaged and marketed for the joy of consumers, and also designed a solid shipping system already in place to go NOW. This could really be a lifeline for struggling retailers who have to close their doors. ~ Lloyd Traven, Peace Tree Farm

As garden centers across the United States are ordered to close their doors to comply with existing shelters and social distancing measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, Little Prince of Oregon Nursery has launched a new program online reference to help businesses maintain customer service and compensate for losses without requiring cash outlays.

From March 26, garden centers will be able to use their social networks, email marketing and other digital channels to direct customers to the Little Prince’s online store and earn 20% of the purchase price on each sale. that they sponsor. No web setup, no technology, no inventory management, just an opportunity to continue delivering plants to customers and money to the bank. The new program is called Garden Center 911 and aims to create a low-input income stream for garden centers at a time when income is imperative for survival and face-to-face interactions and transactions are severely limited.

Mark Leichty, Business Development Manager at Little Prince, says: “One of our core beliefs at Little Prince is that the best place to buy Little Prince plants is your local garden center. This is the first message an online shopper sees when they walk into our online store, and it will never change. He continues, “We know that many garden centers have temporarily closed due to COVID-19, and we want to help support the businesses that have supported us for so many years.”

Commenting on the program, Shaina Froehlich, Garden Center Manager at Froelich’s Farm and Garden Center in Pennsylvania, said, “In a time when the future is unknown, Little Prince of Oregon is bringing a beacon to the independent garden industry. For the 2020 season, our first day of operation was also the last day before we were forced to switch our sales to curbside pickups and local deliveries only. Little Prince of Oregon’s Garden Center 911 program gives us the opportunity to create a source of income, even when our doors must remain closed.

How the 911 garden center works

– After approval of the submitted documents, each garden center will receive an individualized referral link to for digital sharing.

  • One garden center shares the link on social media, its website, email newsletters, YouTube descriptions and other marketing communications, advising its customers that they can buy plants online while benefiting their garden center local.
  • For each order placed via the sponsorship link, the garden center will receive 20% of the purchase price of the plants (excluding shipping costs).

It is so easy!

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Why partner with the Little Prince of Oregon?

Lloyd Traven, owner of Peace Tree Farm, a wholesale nursery in Pennsylvania, says, “Little Prince has fabulous and fresh plants, cleverly packaged and marketed for the joy of consumers, and has also designed a solid shipping system. already in place to go NOW. Their website is easy to use and robust. Customers can choose from nearly 1,000 varieties, including succulents, perennials, ornamental grasses, ground covers and more. “This could really be a lifeline for struggling retailers who have to shut down for security reasons and can’t sell now. So many people don’t have a working solution for online business, and this could be their only option for months on end, ”says Traven. “Even though we are a wholesaler, we will participate. Why not?”

While participating in Garden Center 911 will not replace all the lost income from garden centers, it does provide an easy way to replace some income (in the hope of reopening) and continue to provide plants to customers who request them in this regard. moment. And for garden centers that are open, but focus on edibles for essential food positioning, Garden Center 911 allows garden centers to “sell” ornamental plants without the need to order, store, maintain and order them. to devote resources to them – the best of both worlds.

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