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Have you spent more than you expected this summer? Easy, you’re not alone A survey carried out in 2015 by Experian showed that 68% of people spend more than expected on vacation. In addition, 46% of the participants in the survey claimed to have used the credit card to finance their vacations, and 40% to have accumulated part of that debt.

Even if you and your partner have stayed at home enjoying some staycations, with all activities, lunches, and dinners, surely your budgets have suffered.

Evaluate the damage

Now that summer is nearing its end is a good time to review your personal finances and put them in order.

The first thing you should do is look at the accounts face to face and settle all your debts. Look carefully at all movements and transfers, your current balance and calculate how much money you owe.

Identify expenses

The next step is to write a budget, making a list of your monthly expenses. Based on them, how much money can you allocate to cancel the debts and how long would it take to eliminate them altogether?

Then, check out the rest of the expenses. Which ones can you reduce or eliminate completely? With a few adjustments and a little creativity, you can continue enjoying a comfortable life.

How to create a budget and put your finances in order

Reduce expenses

Begin to identify the ways in which you and your partner can cut expenses. For example, you can cook all week meals the previous Sunday at the same time. By making more rations, not only will you get cheaper, but you will save time.

How much do you use the car? What if you start going to work on public transport or, better yet, on a bike? Can you do without the gym and exercise at home or in a park?

Once you have identified a way to reduce expenses, you should be able to decide how much you can save. If you were to dedicate this money to pay the debt, how much would it take you to pay it off?

Other ways to pay your debts

If you already have your budget clear, all categorized, and even then it seems that the debt is going to haunt you for more than two months, this could be a good time to explore new forms of financing.

Do you have an extra room that you can rent on Airbnb? Can you get another part-time job for a couple of months? Does your company offer you the possibility of doing extra hours? Think of ways to temporarily get extra money.

Short-term solutions

If your summer expenses have left you in a situation in which you need urgent financing to cover basic needs, such as a bill, or take advantage of an opportunity, but two weeks before you have to pay for it, an online loan from paydaynow may be the solution you need.

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Ready to put an order in your finances?