How is Sahil Kothari transforming the online training industry?


The road to success is not easy to take, but it is possible to make your dream come true with hard work, determination, and enthusiasm. Sahil Kothari is one such skilled entrepreneur who is currently in high demand by the many existing people who facilitate online learning in the occult, psychology and wellness industry.

Sahil Kothari is the founder of Sahil Kothari Training and advice, which offers affordable certificate courses with the goal of enriching and empowering the lives of people in the fields of occultism, wellness, and psychology.

Sahil Kothari was born August 19, 1990 and resides in Kolkata. His trip has now become the talk of the town as he is one of the few entrepreneurs to start a business with no money in his pocket.

Sahil Kothari says: “If you take things for granted, nothing will ever change for the better. Thinking outside the box allows you to keep growing – and can lead to smart, forward-thinking business decisions. “.

He adds, “I didn’t have any money when I started my business, but with the help of technology, I was able to grow it in leaps and bounds. My journey started with my promotion on many Facebook pages and WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp and Facebook are both free. If used wisely, they can get you started with a modest consumer base. “

Its success can be attributed to the fact that it took advantage of loopholes in the e-learning pricing structure.

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Sahil Kothari realized that the market rate for occult and spiritual courses was too high for a middle class person, and therefore, he decided to run the same courses cheaply through Zoom, under the guidance of international trainers like Sumit Rawal, Shreyas Parekh, and Sidhharrth S Kumaar. Sahil Kothari is truly a distinguished personality who serves as an inspiration to many.


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