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WATERBURY, Connecticut., November 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Therap believes that when onsite training is limited due to social distancing, it is especially crucial to provide online training to different levels of users to ensure that quality services are delivered in a effective and efficient in the human services sector. . For this reason, Therap introduced a new style of self-paced course for its users in 2021.

Online therapy at your own pace Training courses offer a combination of info, videos, audio clips, screenshots, GIFs, storylines, and review questions / quizzes. These new courses are available to users on Therap’s Help and support site. These courses offer step-by-step guidance to make the user more informed about a specific module as well as state-specific guidelines. From this web page, users of different levels can access All courses which displays a list of courses across all Therap modules and are continually updated. Courses are continually updated to include the most recent changes in module functions, guidelines, etc. Therapy also offers Fundamental courses for new users on this web page.

Additionally, Provider Agencies who wish to track staff progress and performance in Therap’s online training courses, may have a Super Admin or Training Manager from their agency request for a Therap Academy account. . Therapy Academy Allows a super administrator or agency training manager to create staff login accounts, assign courses, and monitor staff progress and quiz scores for therapy courses. Staff members who attend the courses also receive certificates if they meet all the requirements for course completion. The Therap Academy team designs self-paced, on-demand and new-style training courses that meet the specific needs of different agencies and users.

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