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Chief Minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani launched “Online Development Authorization System (ODPS) -2.0” at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar to promote online authorization for industrial development projects in the state .

At the launch, he said, “The state government wants to develop an online system making maximum use of technology in departments such as housing, income and urban development where direct people are connected.

“Gujarat became the first state in the nation to develop a faceless system and adopt a development plan. Our government is sincerely working on the four pillars of transparency, decisiveness, sensitivity and progressivity. We have made a number of pioneering improvements with the sensible approach that no citizen of the state has to face problems in any type of work or service.

He also added: “Now the new ODPS-2.0 is operational, the offline permissions for the low-rise building will be completely removed.” He also expressed his wish to implement this ODPS process for tall buildings in the state in the future.

The state government is committed to taking action against this 1% who engage in bad practices and we are also committed to ensuring that 99% of people are not wrongly deceived, he said. he adds.

“GDCR has been changed to common GDCR for the development of a new system. Not only that, by focusing on 15 essentials such as FSI, height, headroom, parking, fire safety, we made sure that the plan is adopted within 24 hours depending on its suitability, ”he said. he informed.

The CM also said that each of us dreams of having our own house, for which we have to face several problems to adopt housing plans. We have launched a simple and transparent ODPS process, where one can submit the plan from their own computer and get approval within 24 hours so that the person can start construction of the building by paying the fee. layout.

Rupani also added that even as part of the town planning-TP approvals, this government has made 100 TP approvals every year. We have done centuries of TP approval every year for the past three years. Also this year, we could approve the same numbers until December despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have made such arrangements in municipalities and businesses so that people can get all permissions online at home and everyone can benefit. On this occasion, the CM also distributed online letters of approval and authorization to the architect-engineers of five municipalities in the State.



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