For only $ 30, this online training can help you enter the world of real estate


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TL; DR: Improve your real estate knowledge with the Ultimate Property and Real Estate Management training package for $ 29.99, a savings of 97% as of January 2.

The world of real estate is certainly attractive to those of us looking to change careers in 2021. From investing in real estate to selling homes as an agent, there is money. up for grabs and you don’t have to go back and graduate to get your feet wet. It sounds like a win, a win, doesn’t it?

That being said, there is a lot to learn and you won’t get rich overnight. If you want to learn some tips from those who have done it before, the Ultimate Property and Real Estate Management training package can help you get started.

This online training includes 85 lessons and 10 hours of content on topics such as property management, estimating construction costs and more. You will start with a deep dive into real estate investing taught by Ben clardy, rated 4.6 stars out of 5, real estate expert and investor for 13 years. He will focus specifically on probate investing, sharing his experience and insider tips in the niche.

The last six courses are taught by the amazing instructors of Level up, a non-profit organization designed to help people find their way onto a new career path. The company has been particularly effective in helping workers affected by COVID-19. You will learn all about how to become a real estate agent, including exactly how to manage your client’s expectations, advice on real estate marketing, and a variety of other skills that will allow you to be successful in the field.

Beyond the simple investment in residences, there is even a course on the management of hotel income. If you hope to break into the hospitality industry, you will hone important skills such as determining key performance indicators and forecasting hotel revenue management.

The entire Ultimate Property and Real Estate Management Bundle training is valued at $ 1,400, which, including the commission on the sale of a single-family home, is a few cents. Luckily, you’ll only have to pay $ 29.99 to sign up today. For anyone serious about real estate, there is no time like now to start.

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