F1 S’pore race: online system overwhelmed as the first tranche of tickets sells out quickly; scalpers emerge on Carousell


Ms Gladys Ng, 26, said after waiting 2.5 hours in the online queue for a pair of tickets at the Bay Grandstand near The [email protected] Bay, she was brought to a web page to select her seats, but none were available for the grandstand area she wanted.

In the 10 minute window given to her to choose her seats, she figured out that she could open a new browser window to select seats in another location and eventually managed to score tickets at the Connaught Grandstand.

Having attended all the Singapore Grands Prix since their launch in 2008, the business development manager said she had never encountered such problems before as tickets rarely sold out so quickly in the past.

She doesn’t blame the organizer given the high demand this year and the limited number of seats available, but thinks organizers could have let fans know about the ticket sales process so they can prepare for the long wait. .

On Wednesday, dozens of angry fans took to the official Singapore Grand Prix Facebook page to complain about long waiting times of up to six hours on the online ticketing system.

Others said they waited in line for hours only to encounter a faulty payment system or were kicked out of the virtual queue.

An hour after tickets went on sale, Facebook user Andy Nathaniel Sun said he was given an estimated wait time of more than five hours.

“I have never experienced anything like this in my many years of buying tickets. So disappointed,” he wrote.

Another Facebook user, Vivienne Tang, wrote: “Finally entered but payment failed…what is this? And now it’s another five hour queue? »

In response to TODAY’s questions, the Singapore GP said that given the high demand, having a queue for transactions was “not unusual for any blockbuster events like major concerts” .

“Nevertheless, the ticketing system successfully processed thousands of tickets within hours.”

He added that such “isolated cases” can occur for different reasons, including problems with the buyer’s banking processing system.

“We are constantly monitoring our systems to ensure transactions are running smoothly and to provide assistance when needed.”


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