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The South Central Ohio Educational Service Center (SCESC) Programs Department has not forgotten teachers during this pandemic time and has several avenues for teachers to get the instruction they may need for certificates during the period of the pandemic. summer.

Teachers have many professional developments available just by logging into Here they will find even more details for each of the listed classes that will be mentioned in this article.

On their site, it says: The Curriculum Department of the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center places the development of high quality classroom teaching and assessment at the heart of our mission. Through ongoing research and professional development opportunities, we strive to help teachers, administrators and instructional leaders acquire and implement processes and strategies that will improve student achievement. Our goal is to provide ongoing support to districts and to be considered part of their local education teams. We are committed to providing high quality education to all students in our service area.

The following is a list of their professional development containing narrated presentations and forms you can fill out to collect your certificates. At the end of a module, you will simply provide your information in the corresponding form and your certificate of completion will be emailed to you:

“The AI ​​read it, but I didn’t understand it – Instructor: Tammy Hambrick

This module is based on the book I Read It. Still, I Don’t Get It by Cris Tovani and provides practical and engaging ideas on how teachers of any subject can help students develop the reading comprehension skills needed to tackle complex and difficult texts. . The objectives of the module are to provide reading strategies and processes that will help teachers improve the skills of struggling readers and introduce at least one or two strategies that teachers can immediately incorporate into their classroom instruction.

How the brain learns math – Instructor: Kara Copeland

How the Brain Learns Math is a one-hour module that discusses the cognitive mechanisms of math learning, environmental and developmental factors that contribute to math, and ways to teach math.

Maxwell’s Laws of Leadership – Instructors: Kara Copeland and Tammy Hambrick

Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Module – In this module, John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws are covered. The Law of Sacrifice, The Law of Empowerment, and the Law of Solid Ground will be three laws specifically covered to help you become a more powerful and effective leader. The research within this module is based on John Maxwell’s 40 years of leadership experience and the observations of leaders in various fields.

Trauma-informed care – Instructor: JD Emnett

This module will help you better understand trauma and its effects on children. It will also introduce you to the Adverse Childhood Experience survey and statistics regarding ACE scores. Finally, this module will give you some strategies to push back the effects of trauma in your classroom and / or your school.

OLAC Gifted Education Professional Development

This professional development course, which can be completed in 60 clock hours, prepares general education teachers to work with students identified as gifted and other advanced learners. It discusses the goals and objectives specified in the Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15, the operating standards for identifying and serving gifted students.

Axis 3 Leadership – Instructor: JD Emnett

This module is a one hour webinar that Tim Kight delivered on March 18, 2020. It’s a wonderful overview of how E + R = O works. If you are wondering what Focus 3 and E + R = O is, this webinar will provide you with a solid understanding. If you have known Focus 3 for a while, this webinar will help you consolidate your knowledge of their systems.

Classroom Continuation – Instructor: Evan Mercer

The aim of this course is to help you as an educator advance your understanding and skills within GSuite and to help motivate your students to learn in new ways. Google has provided K12 with a free suite to streamline your classroom and improve the learning environment in ways previously impossible. Presentations, resources and modules are prepared for you to take your abilities to the next level. Google offers a center for teachers that will help you develop well beyond the content of this course and discover new features as they are released.

Also available, there is a Core Curriculum Development Series. It is a series of three-part modules designed to guide a teacher through all the components of developing a focused and effective curriculum. Written Program Instructor: Tammy Hambrick, Taught Program Instructor: Kara Copeland, Tested Program Instructor: JD Emnett

Added to this are the following on the program home page:

Online distance learning resources there is a set of educational resources available online by subject. The SCESC has said here that in light of the COVID-19 closures, we understand that many of our teachers and parents will be looking for educational resources online. We have compiled a list of links to online educational resources and categorized them by ELA, Maths, Science, Social Studies, and Specials. In addition, there is a section of general online instructional tools to help set up and provide distance education, as well as sites offering free professional development for teachers. Watch for other workshops and professional development opportunities on the South Central Ohio ESC Curriculum Department webpage.

Our local SCESC is looking for our teachers to help them with things they may need to add to their educational needs when things are different from any other time. Teachers in and around our community have done so much in changing the way they teach and it all means it’s important not to forget their needs.

Instructor: Tammy Hambrick, Curriculum Consultant for SCESC

Instructor: Kara Copeland, Curriculum Consultant for SCESC

Instructor: JD Emnett, curriculum consultant for SCESC

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