DoT launches online system to speed up nods


With the aim of making India a hub of wireless innovation, the government on Tuesday launched an online application through which all approvals for using the airwaves to conduct experiments and demonstrations could be obtained in six to eight weeks.

“The scope of DoT’s Saral Sanchar portal, on which requests for access services, Internet services and other licenses are received, has been expanded for the reception, processing and licensing of spectrum to conduct experiments, demonstrations, testing and manufacturing, ”a statement released by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) said on Tuesday.

Once online, the portal will facilitate faceless authorizations for equipment type approval, satellite licenses and amateur licenses. Until now, requests had to be manually approved by the DoT’s wireless planning and coordination wing.

Anshu Prakash, secretary of DoT, said the rationale for the move was to boost the design and application ecosystem in wireless technologies, as all approvals will now be consolidated.

Authorizations in the form of licenses will include authorizations to own wireless equipment, import of necessary modules and subsystems, and demonstration of R&D products.

An applicant will need to file a self-declaration for instant licensing for indoor experimentation (R&D), indoor demonstration and manufacturing.

Once approved, a single license that would include all previous license requirements for spectrum use, import of related products and subassemblies, demonstration and possession of wireless equipment will be granted.

For all outdoor radiation licenses, approval will be deemed within 6 to 8 weeks of application and airwaves will be offered on a “no-interference and no-protection basis” and on “no commercial service”, possibly involving no fees to pay. to the government.

The government statement said these measures would help Indian companies strengthen the R&D and manufacturing ecosystem and create Indian IPRs and global solutions.


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