Disability Recognition and Response: NSC Unveils Online Supervisor Training Program | 2021-10-20


Itasca, Illinois – A new online course of the National Safety Council is intended to help supervisors and safety professionals recognize and respond to disability at work.

Results of a recent poll of employers led by the non-profit organization show that more than half believe the disability is a barrier to safety in their workplace. Impairment due to a number of causes can delay thinking and reaction time; result in higher workers’ compensation costs; and increase distraction, errors, injuries and absenteeism, says NSC.

“At least 90% of employers are just as concerned about the effects of chronic stress and mental health disorders as they are about fatigue and chemicals,” said Jenny Burke, senior director of disability practice at NSC. “We are proud to have developed comprehensive training to help supervisors educate and protect their staff from impairments in a much broader way than ever before. “

The one hour course, pilot tested with the help of supervisors and security professionals, covers:

  • The importance of recognizing and responding to disability
  • Responsibilities of the supervisor when recognizing a disability
  • Common causes of impairment, as well as signs and symptoms
  • The Six Steps to Responding to a Potential Impairment
  • Other considerations, including involvement of human resources, prevention, and laws and regulations

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