Copyright registration in Brazil can now be submitted through an online system


Although registration is not mandatory in Brazil for copyright protection, it is a recommended measure as it can serve as proof of prior creation in the event of a dispute over authorship.

Under Brazilian law, a work protected by copyright can be registered with several public offices depending on the nature of the work (for example: literary text, sculpture, etc.). The office responsible for registering most copyrighted works is the National Library Foundation, which until now has only accepted an application in person at one of its regional offices or request by mail.

Since October 3, 2022, the Foundation accepts online copyright registration applications through the GOV.BR Platform. The applicant (whether directly or through an attorney/representative) must provide personal information as well as details regarding the work such as title, genre, whether it has been published or not, pay the respective official fees and upload the requested form (available only in Portuguese) in the platform accompanied by all the required documentation. The granting of the registration certificate is issued after the completion of the formal analysis which currently takes about 12 (twelve) months.

The initiative is part of the Ministry of Tourism’s digital transformation plan to reduce bureaucracy and simplify access to copyright registration services.

It should be noted that the online copyright registration process is only available to the National Library Foundation, while other copyright registration offices, such as the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, have not changed their respective registration procedure. the specific applicable rules are recommended.


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