CBSE Launches Online System For Students To Obtain Duplicate Academic Document


The Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) today launched the Academic Document Duplicate System (DADS) to help students obtain duplicates of their academic documents, either because they have lost or they are mutilated.

From now on, these students apply to the regional offices concerned or make a request on a prescribed form and deposit the required fees in the banks or send forms and bank drafts by post. But, the Covid-19 situation has made it difficult to monitor this process.

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CBSE has come up with a fast and viable solution through a newly developed internal portal. The facility aims to avoid the human contact and physical presence of students required so far and to reduce travel, time and energy spent by students and parents who can now get duplicate grade sheets, a certificate of achievement, a certificate of migration through this online portal.

Students will need to log into the website and apply at for procedure and options. The regional offices, upon receipt of applications, will print the academic documents and send them by express route. A tracking system will allow students to track the status of the request and shipping details. However, this portal will give students the option to choose both a digital copy and a printed copy of the academic document.


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