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HARTFORD, CONN. – October 18, 2021 – American farms are increasingly relying on technology to handle the unpredictable aspects of harvesting and herding operations. However, many agricultural tasks are still done manually resulting in a waste of valuable time and money. Aquiline Drones (AD), a drone and cloud solutions company, has an immediate solution – Smart Farming with Drones, an online training. For an introductory price of $ 99, any drone operator or farmer can now learn how to better manage agricultural business operations with data using drones and artificial intelligence (AI) for immense analysis and revenue-optimizing forecasting. .

A synopsis of the new innovative instruction module can be viewed here.

AD now offers this insightful and industry-specific course as part of its Flight to the Future Series (F2F) online drone pilot training course with more training modules under development. The Smart Farming module is part of a collection of advanced ground training courses, suitable for different industries and available to all students after completing the F2F Core Program and receiving their FAA Part 107 drone pilot certification. It can also be purchased à la carte directly by anyone who has already obtained their Part 107 license.

“The educational journey offered here takes the user through the ever-expanding world of drone-based smart agriculture solutions covering crop, orchard and ranching operations. The course provides an in-depth treatment, covering all the key topics one needs to know before becoming a specialist drone service provider in the agriculture industry, ”said Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of AD. “Thought leadership in our industry has a responsibility to create dynamic markets where technology can be applied to benefit society, and AD takes this very seriously. “

With approximately 215,000 Part 107 commercial drone pilots in the United States and the growing trend to incorporate artificial intelligence into commercial drone operations, AD has recognized that there is a market of professionals looking for ways to monetize their licenses. . Priced at $ 99, Smart Farming with Drones presents a short track to building powerful skills to address a segment of the industry that is growing by 13% per year, according to Grand View Research.

Officially referred to as ‘402 Agriculture: Smart Farming with Drones’, the course highlights include:

  • Define smart agriculture and explain how people, drones and specialized sensors are used to improve the efficiency of farming activities.

  • Describe how AI capabilities are used effectively to analyze agricultural data and further optimize results.
  • Explore the wide range of drone-based solutions for agricultural surveying purposes and learn how RGB, LiDAR and multispectral sensors are used as drone payloads to digitize large areas of farmland in great detail.
  • Understand how these capabilities combine to form specialized drone solutions that can deliver key results. Examples include accurate fruit counts for orchard operations, large-scale analyzes to obtain yield estimates, identify replanting opportunities, and ultimately make accurate income forecasts.

  • Investigate crop health applications – how the spectral reflectance properties of vegetation are harnessed to help farmers detect crop stressors early and mitigate crop losses. Immersion in animal husbandry operations, such as livestock counts, animal health and herd management and how drones are used to support animal husbandry activities, reduce costs and dramatically improve results.
  • Delve into the benefits of drone crop spraying – how fertilizers and pesticides are strategically and safely applied, and how AI determines the exact areas that need to be watered, sprayed against insects, or thinned, saving money on time and money.
  • Investigate how advanced drone solutions can create intelligent irrigation systems, essentially a multivariate exercise in data-driven optimization.
  • Learn how drone-based seeding and damage assessments can become powerful operational improvements, enabling farmers to leverage the growing value of smart farming operations.

Alexander notes that many farm businesses already understand the importance of using technology to improve their income, as some have already integrated detection systems into their land-based farming equipment. This generated substantial amounts of data that now requires analysis in order for farmers to project critical yield. In other words, the world of big data is coming to farms with the use of increasingly sophisticated sensors and drones. As a US-based drone manufacturer and industry-specific cloud support provider, AD provides a comprehensive ecosystem of customizable drone and cloud solutions for multiple industries including agriculture, oil and gas. , energy and utilities, border security, asset inspections and more.

“Due to the depletion of limited natural resources, the need to improve agricultural performance has become critical. Drones with AI capabilities are becoming exceptional pieces of equipment capable of performing many necessary tasks from the air, ”adds Alexander. “Drones are leading the next revolutionary phase of smart agriculture by providing remote monitoring, in-depth data collection, analysis and modeling to reduce resource and labor costs, while ensuring a higher crop yield. We believe that cloud-connected drones – connected to The AD Cloud – will transform the agriculture industry in the 21st century.

402 Agriculture: Smart Farming with Drones is now available as part of the F2F program. Anyone can register for the course on Within 48 hours of purchasing the module, students will receive login information to begin their training and will be able to access the course at

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