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The Abu Dhabi Ministry of Culture and Tourism (DCT Abu Dhabi) marks the first anniversary of its Abu Dhabi Specialists e-learning program by introducing new modules and markets for the training program.

The program, which was launched just over a year ago as part of DCT Abu Dhabi’s response to the Covid-19 crisis, has seen all forms of physical promotional offers, workshops and of training transferred to virtual platforms.

It has been designed to educate travel industry professionals, including front-liners, product managers, tour operators, travel agencies and door-to-door agents, on how to effectively promote Abu Dhabi.

Launched in May last year, the e-learning has been successfully deployed in markets in 17 different countries and in seven different languages.

To date, 13,670 candidates have registered for the course and over 7,000 have graduated as ‘Abu Dhabi Specialist’.

“We are really encouraged by the strong support from the global travel industry for this program and as such we will be launching additional learning modules and expanding into new markets in Switzerland and Israel,” a said Ali Hassan Al Shaiba, executive director of marketing. and tourism in DCT Abu Dhabi.

“Although the past year has been an extremely difficult time for the tourism industry, thanks to this innovative program we have always been able to connect with travel professionals from all over the world and help them understand why Abu Dhabi is a such an extraordinary destination.

“As we reopen ourselves to travelers from all over the world, we are confident that the program has increased awareness of Abu Dhabi’s amazing offers, which in turn will lead to increased sales activity and length of stay for visitors. “

The investment in training and development confirms DCT Abu Dhabi’s commitment to supporting the travel business in key source markets in order to provide quality advice and better service to customers who view Abu Dhabi as a travel destination.

The program is part of DCT Abu Dhabi’s travel industry marketing plan to ensure that travel specialists have the right knowledge and tools to sell.

In addition to the training aspects, specialists receive regular communications about the destination, invitations to events and access to marketing toolkits.

As Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a leisure destination continues to grow, travelers considering this destination can use the planning expertise offered by travel agents.

By completing the program, agents gain the knowledge and tools to facilitate sales efforts and increase professionalism, which leads to better income opportunities, especially after understanding Abu Dhabi’s varied product offerings.


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