4 Comprehensive and Affordable Windows 11 Online Training Courses


This course will teach you everything you need to know about Windows 11, the latest addition to Microsoft’s operating systems.

Regardless of your exposure to Windows, you’ll find this course easy to follow and very informative.

Nick Brazzi, a LinkedIn Learning teacher, starts with operating system fundamentals, such as managing files and directories. It then shows how to locate and use applications, browse the web, and manage calendars, email, and contacts.

Additionally, the training demonstrates how the Microsoft Teams chat integration is used to receive and send messages without having to start Teams. You’ll also see how to customize Windows by changing your account and display settings.

The course will show you how to use Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, Windows backup and data transfer on Windows devices.

The course includes a project, twelve quizzes, phone and tabletop access, and a certificate of completion.

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This course is paid, but with a one-month free trial on LinkedIn, you should be able to take the course for free.

⇒ Windows 11 Essential Training

windows 11 free training

This Ultimate Windows 11 training course is designed to guide a beginner through the features of the new operating system.

Ideally, before starting this course, you should have a copy of Windows 10 installed, especially since the course takes you right through the process of upgrading to the new operating system.

This Windows 11 training includes 65 lessons, representing 4 hours of learning, most of which focus on the basics of Windows 11.

Starting from the rudimentary, you will learn how to get the most out of the operating system with your businesses. This will include training on calendars, email, and the Edge browser.

You’ll also learn how to optimize some essential apps for use with Windows 11.

The training is not free and will cost you around $15.

⇒ The Ultimate Windows 11 Training Video Course

windows 11 free training

Instructor Warrick Klimaytys takes you on a tour of Windows 11 and explains the many new features available in Microsoft’s latest operating system.

As the course progresses, you will explore important computer optimizations and become adept at maintaining your operating system.

You’ll need a Windows 11 PC or laptop for this course, and you’ll be ready to get started even if you’ve never used Windows before.

With an assortment of valuable shortcuts, techniques, and tips, you should be able to perform essential software maintenance to take advantage of the Windows 11 computer’s full processing power and manage programs and applications more efficiently. here is the end of the course.

The training costs $13 but is excellent value for money.

⇒ Windows 11: from beginner to advanced

This list was made in no particular order. Generally, equipped with your Windows PC, you should be able to start any of the tutorials.

Unfortunately, there are no in-depth Windows 11 courses online that don’t require you to pay, but choosing the right guide will be much easier after reading the list of options below.

We are curious to know which training you opt for. Please share with us in the comments.


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